S. Charon (scharon) wrote in bad_bun,
S. Charon

[Fiction][Inuyasha][PG/Teen][Concrit or Mock]

I can't stand Inuyasha (Takahashi doesn't know the meaning of the word "end"). I can't stand pairing wars. (Write more non-romance stories!) I can't stand stories that bash characters. So one day out of boredom and annoyance, I wrote an anti-bashing Inuyasha fanfic where two OCs manipulate Kagome and Kikyo and turn them into raging bitches.

( I don't think anyone on Gaia or ff.net got it. Which is fine with me since it's satire. But I think I could have executed it a little better. )

I also just realized that someone added it to The Kagome Haters Club C2 community.

If that's not a bad enough plot bunny for you, I have two crappy Angelique fanfics that no one here except Queenie will understand. (But they do have bishounen in them.)
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