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Bad Bunny!

No biscuit! Sit in the corner!

Bad Bunny, No Biscuit
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Bad Bunny! No Biscuit!

Everyone has them. You can be considered the best author/artist/fanfic writer/fanartist and you still occasionally have plot/art bunnies that are horrible. To pull them off without making what you're creating utterly retarded takes a lot of work, and even then you're not sure you can do it.

Most of the time, we ignore these bunnies. We know we'll be ridiculed for the idea. Even though the bunny won't leave us alone, we push it aside for one that isn't so stupid. And whenever we do actually write/draw the idea, we're so horribly embarrassed because of the quality. We may not even finish it or show anyone.

This community is for the horrible bunnies that good writers/artists occasionally have. This community is for the writer/artist to laugh about a bunny that would not leave them alone and what came out. This community is for others to realize there are others out there that are just as good or better than they are that have the occasional bad idea.

This is for the BNFs to prove they are human like everyone else.


1. NO BASHING. Period. Got it?

2. Respect all writers/artists' work. What they may be posting here may be the worst of their work, but that does not mean you can slam them for their choices.

3. Most of the time, the writer/artist does not want concrit on their work. They know it sucks, and they don't want that particular piece to get better. They may already know why it sucks. They just wrote/drew it to appease the bunny. Critiquing a work that does not say "Concrit wanted" may result in nasty, amusing, and wanky behavior the mod will not stop unless it crosses a line.

4. If it says "Concrit wanted," actually give concrit. Tell them what worked, what didn't, and how they might be able to change what didn't work. Saying it sucked and why without giving how to fix it is not concrit.

5. Have fun! This isn't a serious community. You're here to laugh about ideas you've had. Enjoy it! Embrace people laughing with you about a horrible result. If you post something here and someone agrees with you that it sucks, don't get up in arms. Relax, get your favorite drink, and laugh with them!

6. I require that you put in your subject line the following:

Type of bunny (Art/fiction)
Fandom, if applicable
Concrit or non-concrit

Titles are not needed. Warnings (including pairings) can and SHOULD go in the post above the LJ cut.

7. That said, LJ cut EVERYTHING. It's a little 100 word drabble? Slap some warnings above the cut and cut the story. A picture about 100x100 (LJ icon sized)? Warnings above cut, everything else below cut.

8. No introductory posts. If you must say you're new, use a one sentence declaration at the beginning of your post.
8a. Nothing off topic. This is a subset of number eight because intro posts ARE off topic. If your post doesn't have a story or a piece of art, it's off topic. And no, a story about your day that ended in a bad bunny being born is not on-topic. The result of the bunny is, however.

What Bad Bun is not

1. A place to be validated. Everything that goes here must suck in the original writer's/artist's mind. If you expect a place where everyone tells you that "Oh no, it's actually really good," you're in the WRONG place.

2. A place to spork bad fic/art. We are not here to make fun of others to make ourselves feel better for any reason. We're here to make fun of ourselves to blow off some steam.

3. A pure concrit place. There are other communites for that.

4. A place to ask for bunnies/fic/art. Again, there are other communites for that.


Your mod is tears_priestess.